2020 Impact on Mental Health

We went through a lot in 2020 – a pandemic, restrictions, loneliness, stress, anxiety, burnout. And all of it took a toll on our mental health. While many people strive at working from home, they have historically had outlets to connect with people outside of work. Those connections came to a halt in 2020. HopeContinue reading “2020 Impact on Mental Health”

Reeve Run & Roll virtual 5K

The Christopher Reeve foundation raised over $300K to support deliver effective treatments and advancing groundbreaking science toward cures of paralysis. And through the Reeve foundation they give millions of people hope. So whether you’re a marathoner or a first-time 5K-er, please join me in participating this year and in the future. https://give.reeve.org/mark_konyndyk If you are interestedContinue reading “Reeve Run & Roll virtual 5K”

Lifecycle 2019

Participating in fighting the HIV became an interest when I learned of another Mark’s passing from Aids.  Anyone can participate in the annual ride from San Fran to Los Angeles and remote participants can be virtual riders.  The WHO estimates that 38 million people are infected worldwide.