Lifecycle 2020

The event cycles from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Virtual riders are welcome and I will be doing this again.

Participating in fighting the HIV became an interest when I learned of another Mark’s passing from Aids.  Anyone can participate in the annual ride from San Fran to Los Angeles and remote participants can be virtual riders.  The WHO estimates that 38 million people are infected worldwide.

Family and friends can donate here:

We need a ‘no regrets’ approach if we’re going to stop coronavirus – The Washington Post

Gears and Cheers HOPE Ride

In September I got the chance to participate in a ride for cancer.  It had been a long time since I did a long ride.  The ride went through West Michigan and out along Lake Michigan to Grand Haven.  It was a gorgeous fall day.

I had recently read an article on the most searched items related to health.  The point of the article was that while heart disease and cancer impact the largest percentage of people, the Google search have a very low percentage versus other health issues.  My family was waiting at the end and we enjoyed lunch at the host provider, Trail Point Brewery.  A huge thank you to all the volunteers and participants at the American Cancer Society and Gears and Cheers!

2019 Summer Scamper

My family participated in the Summer Scamper for three years while in the San Francisco area. It is an amazing event to raise funds for patients and families at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital.

The  9th annual Summer Scamper races around the Stanford campus. The Packard Children’s is a not-for-profit hospital treating children in the community who need specialized care, regardless of their families’ financial means.

Events with causes seem to bring out the best in a runner because you are running for something other than your own accomplishment. The Summer Scamper volunteers do an amazing job of cheering on the participants.

The event is great for children and adults. Check it out!

Seattle to Portland 2017

I started cycling in June of 2017.  A friend, and cyclist, had past away.  In his honor we decided to ride the Seattle to Portland (STP).   This is a 200+ mile journey that we wanted to accomplish in a single day.  Cycling brings a lot of peace and meditation while on the saddle.  Cycling has reinforced the following:

Setting Goals 

If you put your mind to something, the possibilities are endless.  I started training 6 weeks before the ride and it was the first time I had been on a bike for years.  There were many times I questioned if I could make it 207 miles in a day.  Each week I pushed farther.  The goal created the mental picture of success.


Reaching your goals is not easy.  There will be setbacks.  But these situations are not setbacks, they are the building blocks of the success.


While riding from Seattle to Portland the urge was to go all-out early.  This comes back to the sage advice of the tortoise and the hare. And it is on the journey as you patiently wait that the small things in life may be the most rewarding.


Flow is just a term for a steady pace.  In life, there will be ups and down.  There will be emotional lows and highs.  During the lows you can use the mental picture of being on the saddle to remind yourself that life is a journey not a race.


I continue to work on this aspect of life.  In cycling you draft of others and take turns to go farther.  Best to daily remind one’s self of the golden rule.  That childhood lesson is still one of the best.